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Teams improve wireless network service and support


In March 2015, the Network Services team completed improvements to the wireless networks in Light Hall and One Hundred Oaks. As a result, both buildings are now equipped with improved design and upgraded technology.

In an effort to enhance wireless service in the residence halls, Network Services upgraded Stambaugh Hall to a new design and access point model in March. This update is significant because it will serve as a test for rolling out this same design in other residence halls.

In Septempber 2015, a wireless redesign and implementation was completed for the School of Engineering in Featheringill and Jacobs Hall. The new wireless infrastructure provide the latest Wi-Fi technology, 802.11ac, also commonly referred to as "gig wireless." End users have reported that wireless has never worked better in this facility and that they are very satisfied with the results.

Throughout 2015, VUIT Network Services, in conjunction with the help desk and OHARE, staffed several Tech Hub outreach programs for the residential community in order to provide increased support, awareness and education on Wi-Fi connectivity.

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