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AccessVU - Existing Users

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Identity Management (IDM) page. From this page you will manage your VUnetID and related services such as your ePassword, email address(es), and the way your name displays to others. Vanderbilt University's policy on Computer Privileges and Responsibilities applies to all VUnetID related services.



  • New Employee  - Claim your Vanderbilt account.  Claiming your Vanderbilt account is the first step to begin using Vanderbilt network resources.  Click the, "New Employee" link to claim your VUnetID.  View directions for claiming your account.  
  • Claim Invitation - Claiming your invitation is the first step to begin using Vanderbilt Network resources. Your VUnetID and ePassword will be your login credentials (user name and password) for the majority of systems at Vanderbilt. Click the "Claim Invitation" button to claim your VUnetID. View directions for claiming your invitation.
  • Enter PII - Enter your Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Enter your personal identifiable information only if you are going to be employed by Vanderbilt or attend Vanderbilt as a student. View directions.
  • Claim Student Account - Claim your Vanderbilt student account.
  • Claim MAC Account – Use this option if an administrator has created an account for you, and has provided you with your new VUnetID and the associated claim code. View directions.

Last Modified: 2014-04-17

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