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Remote Access (Including Guardian)


Security Operations has implemented an SSL VPN solution to help meet the remote access needs of Vanderbilt faculty and staff. This service is used to help preserve data confidentiality and integrity when transmitted across the Internet.  The solution allows you to connect to the Vanderbilt network via a web browser (see technical details below for a list) capable of using SSL encryption. The SSL VPN allows access to Vanderbilt systems (including Guardian) and computing resources with an Internet connection in a safe and secure fashion.


Note: The Junos Pulse VPN client is now available to all Vanderbilt faculty and staff. You no longer need to request a VPN account unless you are a Linux user.

  • As of Windows 8.1 Junos Pulse is built into your OS. No need to download a client.
  • Windows 7 and older operating and Linux go to VPN site and login. Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.7.3 and higher use the Pulse client. Contact your LSP or LAN manager.
  • Linux -  use the Network Connect VPN client. 
  • Mac OS 10.7.3 and older are not supported

Available to:

Vanderbilt Community

How to get it:

Windows 7 and older operating and Linux go to VPN Site and login.Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.6.8x and higher use the Pulse client contact your LSP or LAN manager.

VPN Selector

Do you have the ability or permissions to install new software on your computer?





What is the operating system of your computer?

Win 8

 Integrated into Win8

Contact your 
LAN Manager /
Local Support Provider

Windows 7, Vista ….

(for Windows)

Mac OS
OS X 10.8x 
OS X 10.9x 

(for Macintosh)

Mac OS
10.7.3 and below

Not Supported


Net Connect


Not Supported
See documentation

Technical Details:

The remote access service allows connection to the Vanderbilt network via a web browser capable of using SSL encryption. It uses SSL to open a secure connection, commonly referred to as tunnel, between a computer and the SSL device at Vanderbilt.

Compatibility warning: This program requires Active X and it should be run in IE 7 or greater. It may be possible to run this program through Chrome and Firefox with Java installed but these browsers aren't officially supported and can be prone to bugs.

The SSL VPN supports OSX 64 bit and no longer requires the manual setup of the client. A prompt will alert to install the latest client (if not already installed) when you login to

SSL VPN Podcast - When and Why to use the VPN.


Last Modified: 2014-05-13