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Shared Exchange Mailboxes (SEM)

Service Description

A Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM) is a mailbox which allows multiple users to access it. Each SEM has a unique email address for sending and receiving and can be created by your local  IT Support Staff .

Support Contacts

Help Desk   

Service Charges or Fees

There are no fees for this service. 

Requesting Service

Request a new Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM)

Access to a SEM is managed by Active Directory (AD) security groups. This allows support personnel to manage access to the SEM without needing direct access to the mailbox. If you are unsure of who manages the SEM you are needing to access, or to change the support person for an SEM please contact the VUIT Help Desk.

What You Can Request

SEM access
Designate a support represtative

Documentation and Service Links 

Accessing a SEM with OWA  

  1. Know the email address of the mailbox you wish to access. If it’s a personal email address, use the  People Finder .  
  2. Open a web browser such as Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox and put the following in the location bar: .  
  3. Log into Vmail using your  VUnetID  and password when prompted.   

Accessing a SEM with Outlook 2016 on a PC

  1. In Outlook, go to File > Add Account  Add Account
  2. Enter the name and  email address of  the SEM, your own password, and select Next.  Auto Account Setup
  3. If prompted, restart Outlook. If prompted  for  credentials, enter your own  VUnetID  and password.  
  4. The SEM will appear in a collapsible folder separate from your own mail account  in  Outlook.SEM Appearance

Accessing a SEM with Outlook 2016 on a MAC 

  1. In Outlook, go to Tools > Accounts.  
  2. Click the + icon in the bottom left corner and choose Exchange.  
  3. Enter the information below into the fields on your Outlook client:  
    1. Email address: SEM address.  
    2. Authentication Method: Select User Name and Password.  
    3. User Name:  VUnetID .  
    4. Passwrd : Your  ePassword .  Mac Account Information Screen

Sending Email as an SEM

To send a message from the SEM, compose anew email and chose the “FROM:” dropdown  in  the new email.SEM From Dropdown

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