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Privileged Account Management (PAM)

Service Description

Privileged Account Management (PAM) helps secure, control, manage, and monitor privileged accounts and access.  Vanderbilt’s chosen PAM solution is CyberArk.  CyberArk provides a service to securely store passwords and keys in an encrypted vault.  It also can change passwords on remote systems.  Authorized users are allowed to securely access and use stored passwords.  Another feature of CyberArk is Privileged Session Management (PSM), which is session recording for privileged accounts. Session recording allows tracking, auditing, and detection of suspicious activity of privileged accounts.  Our PAM solution also provides auditing and logging capabilities.

Support Contacts

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Service Charges or Fees

There are currently no service charges or fees for this service. 

Requesting Service

If you are interested in protecting your privileged accounts, submit a request ticket

What You Can Request

Enroll in Privileged Account Management (PAM) 

Documentation and Service Information Links

CyberArk FAQ
CyberArk Privileged Session Manager Datasheet
CyberArk Privileged Access Security Information 

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