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Digital Certificate Service - SSL Certification for Public or External Facing Use

Service Description

Digital Certificate Service - SSL Certification for Public or External Facing Use (aka Digicert or Security Certificates) can be obtained for identifying trusted websites and servers for both internal and external use. VUIT offers 1 year Digicert SSL Certificates for purchase through the Vanderbilt University Software Store.  This service is available to Vanderbilt University faculty and staff. To request this service, VUnetID authentication is required, the domain must be owned by Vanderbilt University, and one must complete a Vanderbilt University Software Store order.

Support Contacts
(615) 343 - 3919

Service Charges or Fees

This service costs $128.37/year for each domain secured. Wildcard certificates will incur an additional fee.

Requesting Service

To order an SSL certificate, place your order through the Vanderbilt University Software Store and submit the "SSL Certificate Request" form listed under "Service Requests". 

What You Can Request 

1 year SSL Certificate
1 year Wildcard Certificate
1 year SAN Certificate  

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