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eduroam is a secure wireless network access service that is accessible at research and educational institutions around the world. Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff can access secure internet access from any institution that participates in the eduroam service.

Visitors to Vanderbilt from other participating institutions can use eduroam while visiting Vanderbilt. The visitor must have the eduroam network configuration on their device with their home institution’s credentials. Visitors from participating institutions will have the same access as vuGuest, without going through the vuGuest portal.

Vanderbilt users will be setup for eduroam through the onboarding process. Vanderbilt users will have the same access when using eduroam or vuNet. When you onboard a device it is configured for both vuNet and eduroam. 


To setup eduroam (VU users): 

Go to
Next, choose “CONNECT TO VU WIFI”
Click on “Join Now”
Follow the instructions in our onboarding solution.

If you experience issues, call the VU Help Desk at (615) 343-9999.


To connect to eduroam (Visitors): 

You should automatically connect to eduroam if you're registered at a participating institution. If you experience issues, please contact your institution's help desk.


For more information about eduroam, including participating members, go to