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Wireless Access for VU Staff, Faculty, and Students

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For any technical issues, including Wi-Fi, VUIT is here to help. The Tech Hub is ready to assist all VU students, faculty, and staff with any issues, requests, or questions they may have. To get in touch, call us at 615-343-9999 or learn about other contact methods like text, chat, email, and help request at

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VUIT is also committed to improving our Wi-Fi service and your feedback can help! Take a few minutes to tell us about your campus Wi-Fi experience here. Your feedback will help us locate and address problem areas around campus.


VU Wi-fi Information

Available Wireless Networks

  • vuNet - vuNet is the network VU faculty, staff, and students should use for their desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones (see below for gaming consoles). It requires a VUnetID and ePassword for access and is the most secure. Since the network is broadcast, your devices will automatically see it when in range and will automatically connect once initially configured. For best results, use the wireless onboarding system found at to connect to this network.

  • vuGuest – vuGuest is an open network that requires the user to accept the terms of use for a 24-hour period of access. If the user needs another 24 hours of access, they will need to accept the terms of use again. The only reason a Vanderbilt user should use vuGuest is to run the onboarding process if their device has no other internet access. Vanderbilt users should use one of the other networks for their devices primary access method.

  • vuDevices - Faculty, staff, and students should use vuDevices for gaming systems, smart devices, AppleTVs, or Roku devices (ChromeCast devices are not supported). Users should register the device by going to and selecting ‘I have a VUnetID’ then connect gaming console. Please note this can only be done on campus.

  • eduroam – eduroam provides a free, secure wireless network that is accessible at many universities, schools, and other research and educational institutions around the world. Vanderbilt users are automatically setup for eduroam when they onboard to vuNet and can access the internet from any institution that participates in the eduroam service.
    • Vanderbilt users wanting to join eduroam on their mobile devices or personal computers who are already using vuNet should re-onboard by going to and clicking "I HAVE A VUNETID."
    • Vanderbilt users whose devices are not automatically connected to the eduroam wireless network should log in using
    • Registered eduroam visitors can use eduroam while visiting Vanderbilt. Visitors experiencing issues connecting to eduroam should contact their home institution's help desk.


Special precautions must be taken with devices, such as routers and wireless printers, to not cause wireless interference and degrade the Vanderbilt wireless network. For more information regarding how to disable certain features to avoid this, visit this article.



iOS (iPhone/iPad)


Windows 10 and above

Wireless Printers (Not Supported)