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Voice Services

About Voice

VUIT provides service to over 6,000 voice users across the university with features and capabilities such as voice mail, conference calling, long distance calling, conference bridges, call forwarding, and call center features. Service is provided using Microsoft Teams and Cisco Unified Communications. Any Vanderbilt University faculty or staff can request telephone/voice services.

For Medical Center listings, visit the Medical Center's Voice Services page.

Having Trouble with Voice Services?
Call the VUIT Tech Hub at 615-343-9999 and follow the caller menu instructions or create a
SerVU ticket.

For Data Network Service requests, please see Data Network Services page.

Voice Service Options

The grid below outlines the types of services available for the Vanderbilt community. Please review each option to determine the type of service of interest. Once decided, simply click the button for the related service.

I need a VU telephone # for a faculty or staff:
  • To be added, deleted, or changed
  • To call an external (to VU) person
  • To call customer's cell phones
  • To receive calls from customers
  • To receive calls from non-VU constitutents
  • Assigned to a specific user 
I need a common area phone:
  • To share amongst shift workers
  • To share amongst student workers
  • For a conference room
  • For VU visitors to use
  • Not assign to a specific user
  • To add new or change an existing common area phone attribute
I need a call management solution:
  • After business hours (time-based) call management and routing
  • A call queue, with music in the background (optional), until the next available person can answer the call
  • Custom message and call handling for Holidays
  • Interactive call menu (Press 1 for Department 1, Press 2 for Department 2, Press 3 for Department 3, etc.)
I need an uncommon item:
  • Emergency phone
  • Reserve a phone # for future use
  • Audio Visual system
  • AT&T circuit/line
  • Toll-Free #
  • Forward a VU phone to another phone #
  • Any other requests that are not specifically listed