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Voice Services

About Voice
VUIT provides reliable and cost effective telecommunications services to the Vanderbilt University community. If you can't find what you're looking for on this site, please contact us via phone or email.

For Medical Center listings, visit the Medical Center's Voice Services page.

Ordering new telephones 

  • As of Dec. 15, 2017, use the new form to place telephone orders and to request any voice service previously ordered in eProcurement. eProcurement went offline in mid-December as part of the university’s transition to Oracle Cloud. 

NOTE: The new form uses Office 365, which has a different log-in format. When typing in your username, use the following template: If this is the first time you are logging in to Office 365, a box will appear requesting permission to use Office 365 and SharePoint. Select “Allow” to access the form.

Reporting Voice Issues
Call (615) 421-1611 (or (615) 343-9999) and follow the caller menu instructions. More information is listed here.

For Data Network Service requests, please see Data Network Services page.

Update: 6/30/15
New prices take effect 7/1/15


  • D-term phones (32 button)
    $40 monthly charge
  • IP D-term phones (6 button)
    $30 monthly charge
  • ACD D-term Series E
    $40 monthly charge
  • NEC Softphone 
    $40 monthly charge - Stand Alone Phone or $5 monthly charge - Add-on to Existing Phone(ACD or Standard) 
  • Elevator Phone 
    $27 monthly charge
  • Emergency Phone
    $32 monthly charge
  • Fax lines
    $30 monthly charge
  • FWD Virtual Off-Premise 
    $22 monthly charge
  • Ramtech 
    $27 monthly charge
  • Ring Down Circuits
    $27 monthly charge
  • Data Circuits
    Detailed Price List