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Voice Services

About Voice
VUIT provides reliable and cost effective telecommunications services to theVanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center Community. If you can't find what you're looking for on this site, please contact us via phone or email.

Ordering new telephones or data lines

Reporting Voice Issues
Call 1-1611 (or 3-9999) and follow the caller menu instructions. More information is listed here.


  • D-term phones (32 button)
    $32 monthly charge
  • IP D-term phones (6 button)
    $27 monthly charge
  • Single line phones
    $22 monthly charge
  • ACD D-term Series E
    $30 monthly charge
  • NEC Softphone 
    $32 monthly charge - Stand Alone Phone or $5 monthly charge - Add-on to Existing Phone(ACD or Standard) 
  • Elevator Phone 
    $27 monthly charge
  • Emergency Phone
    $32 monthly charge
  • Fax lines
    $22 monthly charge
  • FWD Virtual Off-Primise 
    $22 monthly charge
  • Modem lines
    $22 monthly charge
  • "Noset" lines 
    $22 monthly charge
  • Ramtech 
    $27 monthly charge
  • Ring Down
    $27 monthly charge
  • Data Circuits
    Ring Down Circuits 
    Detailed Price List


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Billing Changes / Discrepencies
Calling Cards
Cellular Service
Conference Calls
Feature Programming
Global Navigator
NEC Softphone
Long Distance Services (V-Net /Bill-By-Extension)
Long Distance Rates (V-Net)
Call Center
RedPhone Info
RedPhone Directory
Telephone Repair Service
Toll Free 1-800/866/877/888 Numbers
Traffic Studies
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) 
Unified Communications 
powered by Microsoft Lync
 [Where available] 

User Guides:
Voice Mail
Single-line Phone
D-Term Series E User Guide 
D-Term IP32 User Guide
D-Term IP6 User Guide

D-Term IP2 User Guide 
D-Term Series E (ACD) User Guide
D-Term ACD-IP User Guide
NEC Softphone User Guide

User Training:
Basic User Training
Basic Telephone
Basic Voice Mail
Basic Telephone and Voice Mail
IP Phone FAQ
Basic ACD 
Voice Mail (Faculty / Staff)
Voice Mail(Students)

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