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Device and Lifecycle Purchasing Process

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PLEASE NOTE: Suppliers are experiencing extreme delays on many computer and computer related equipment due to supply chain shortages. Please provide as much lead time as possible when ordering new equipment. For all new hire device orders, please include start date in the request.

Beginning FY21, individual departments are responsible for device and lifecycle purchases. That being said, VUIT is here to help every step of the way to continue providing purchasing services on your behalf. For a downloadable .pdf version of the information on this page, please click here.

There are various computing options available for faculty and staff and selected devices should be determined by the needs of an individual's job duties. VUIT will provide guidance on the types of devices appropriate for different computing needs and can help facilitate purchases of non-standard equipment.

Standard Devices

"Standard Devices" are professional-grade computers and devices preselected by VUIT to ensure compatibility across Vanderbilt systems. The below list covers VUIT's standard devices. 

Standard Device

13" Dell Laptop

Pricing available upon request

14" Dell Laptop

Pricing available upon request


15" Dell Laptop

Pricing available upon request


13" Apple MacBook Pro

Pricing available upon request


16" Apple MacBook Pro

Pricing available upon request


Dell Docking Station1

Pricing available upon request


Dell Monitor

Pricing available upon request

2-in-1 Tablet

Pricing available upon request


High End Device

Pricing available upon request


1. Docking stations must be purchased where they do not exist or where an existing dock isn't compatible with the purchased laptop.



Peripherals such as monitors, scanners, storage devices1, webcams, etc. can be ordered via VUIT or by an individual’s business area. VUIT is available to consult on any order placed by an area. Standard docking stations can be found in the Oracle punchout for Dell. NOTE: VUIT recommends consultation on all docking station purchases to help ensure device compatibility.

1. Local storage devices should not contain sensitive data

Warranties and Lifecyle


Dell and Apple machines both come with 3-year warranties, but differ in what those warranties offer:

  • Dell - 1 accidental damage repair per year.
  • Apple - Unlimited accidental damage repair per year, but may cost $100+ dependent upon damage. This deductible is the responsibility of the department.


Lifecycling reduces failures and ensures continued data security compliance.

  • Typical computer lifecycle: 3 - 5 years
  • Typical LCD monitor lifecycle: 8 - 10 years

Departments are responsible for the continued lifecycling of all devices. VUIT will not fully support devices outside the typical ranges, but will assist with replacement monitoring.

Device Returns and Departed Employees

If you currently have devices for departed employees that need to be wiped or re-imaged, or if you have any employees who will soon be departing, please call or submit a VUIT help request to initiate that process. If you do not have immediate need or replacement for the device, we can store the device for you at VUIT. The device will remain properly tagged and labeled as belonging to your area.

*NOTE: In order to ensure the appropriate security related protocols and standards are in place, it is very important that VUIT be involved when a Vanderbilt-owned device is transferred to another employee and/or is no longer used. 


Supported Devices

VUIT will do what they can to assist employees with their devices but are limited in what they can support for personal devices.

Work Devices

  • All university-owned standard devices within lifecycle parameters are fully supported.
  • Devices outside the lifecycle parameters are supported within reasonable means upon request.

Personal Devices

  • VUIT will assist with connecting to VU resources like WiFi, email, and printers.
  • VUIT will assist employees in finding vendors trained and/or licensed to support personal devices as appropriate.

Purchasing Processes

As of FY21, all departments are fiscally responsible for all device purchases, including monitors, warranties, cables, and peripherals related to individual or department specific computing needs.

Lifecycle Purchases

Link to text-only version

1. This will typically happen in September/October prior to budget submissions.

2. All orders will be paid using the appropriate account number provided by the department.

For new equipment purchases (including specialty devices), VUIT will work with Chief Business Officers, Business Unit / Entity Approvers, and Financial Unit Approvers to select equipment.

New Equipment Purchases

Link to text-only version

1. All orders will be paid using the appropriate account number provided by the department.

Audio Visual Equipment

The Provost's Office sponsors a lifecycle program for audio visual (A/V) equipment in classrooms. Requests for classroom A/V equipment lifecycles should be submitted by schools to the Provost's Office each year. The Provost's Office will compile the list of requests, finalize equipment selections, and prioritize purchases. Any equipment outside the scope of the sponsored program is the requestor's fiscal responsibility; however, VUIT will assist with consulting on all A/V projects as requested.