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Secure Relay for Servers (SRFS)

Service Description

SRFS is the preferred Vanderbilt IT service for outbound SMTP relay from systems/devices. Only qualified systems that are registered with the SRFS service are allowed to use the service. 

Service Charges or Fees

There are currently no service charges or fees for this service.

Requesting Service

1.  Obtain a static IP address for the system, from private address space if possible (10.x.x.x)

  • University Central - Static IP Request Form
  • VUMC – Contact VUMC help desk (343-4357) or submit Pegasus request to Network Operations.

2. Submit an SRFS request:

Note: Prior to submitting an SRFS request, please ensure that the device is ready for deployment, with all intended applications installed and configured.  If a request is submitted and the device determined not to be deployment-ready, the request will be closed and new one will be required later when the device is ready.

3. Configure your system for SRFS

  • Configure a valid sending address for SRFS ( is recommended)
  • Point to
  • Specify TCP port 25 as the default port SMTP
  • SSL/TLS is supported but not required

Documentation and Service Information Links

  • Multipurpose printer/copier/scanners:
    • Multipurpose machines that send unauthenticated email must use the SRFS system and be registered with SRFS in the same way a server would be. If the multipurpose machine does not require a unique, identifying email address, we recommend that you configure the "From" address as
  • Sending email address requirements for SRFS:
    •  Use a valid email address
      • The host's sending email address must be a valid email address on the domain or on a Vanderbilt vanity domain.
    • Replies
      • If you expect replies from the messages sent via SRFS, the sending email address must be a valid address, such as
      • If replies are prohibited, please use one of the sending addresses below:



Service Category

Secure Computing