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Wireless Access for VUMC Employees

Connect to the VUMCEmployee wireless network

The Medical Center's wireless network is secure for VUMC employees to ensure the highest level of protection using your VUnetID and ePassword. In many cases, the CloudPath xPressConnect Wizard wireless onboarding system will configure your devices automatically to make connecting easier.

Students, researchers and other university collaborators who frequent VUMC buildings should configure their devices to VUMCEmployee. To do so, these users should first connect to "VUMCEmployeeSetup" to access the wireless network. Your device can be configured to both "VUMCEmployee" and "vuNet" wireless networks.

Connect to the open wireless network named "VUMCEmployeeSetup," open your web browser and follow the prompts using the instructions below. Once you "onboard" your wireless device, you will automatically connect to the secure "VUMCEmployee" wireless network in the future.  


Common Issues:

  • VUMCEmployeeSetup First – If a user has not previously connected to vuNet, they must start at VUMCEmployeeSetup.  This configures the permanent connection to VUMCEmployee and ensures maximum performance of all devices.
  • iOS Devices – When setting up a device for the first time, VUMCEmployeeSetup may say that it cannot connect multiple times before connecting to VUMCEmployee.  This error can also occur when attempting to connect to any other Vanderbilt SSID.  
  • Webpage Start Up – In order to start the setup process using VUMCEmployeeSetup, the user must first navigate to any external website, such as CNN, Yahoo! or MSN. Navigating to an external website initiates the redirect process that configures the device for VUMCEmployee.



Reporting a Problem or Getting More Information:

Questions or problems can be submitted to the VUMC Help Desk at (615) 343-4357.