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Self-service updates complete for student accounts and financial aid in Your Enrollment Services

In the summer of 2016, the Vanderbilt IT teams of Application Development and Integration (ADI) and the Project Management Office (PMO) worked alongside Academic Affairs Process and Solution Implementations (AAPSI) to implement the following enhancements to Your Enrollment Services (YES) student accounts and financial aid.

YES student accounts:

  • Administrators can maintain multiple versions of the Student Account Agreement within YES.  This document outlines the repayment responsibilities of students.
  • Students are forced to accept the agreement when logging into YES.
  • YES has the ability to track multiple versions of the agreement and when each student agreed or declined.
  • Students can also view/retrieve their 1098T tax forms from YES.

YES financial aid: Students can view their financial aid awards, full cost of attendance, and financial aid checklists within YES.