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  VUIT DataOps

Integrating enterprise on-prem applications, academic development, visualizations, data modeling and cloud offerings for the purpose of improving user experience across the Vanderbilt Community

Service Description

Featured Projects


Platform Services  manages the following Enterprise Applications:

*Artifactory *Artifactory Xray *Atlassian Bamboo *Atlassian Bitbucket *Atlassian Confluence *Atlassian Jira *Atlassian Access *Automic   *Oracle Cloud Analytics (OAC) Security    *Tomcat *Weblogic *AWS DocumentDB *Tableau Server    

Service Charges or Fees

Contact your IT Relationship Manager to initiate a consultation for platform services request

What You Can Request

Android Assistance
Application Bounces and troubleshooting assistance
Application Deployments to applications in the cloud or on-prem
Application Upgrades and Migrations
Atlassian Access SSO Assistance
Linux Applications Middleware
Research Infrastructure Assistance – request service on current projects|
Vanderbilt Enterprise Apple Developer

Service Category

Application Software Support