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Gartner Research

Service Description

The Jean & Alexander Heard Library and Vanderbilt Information Technology (VUIT) have partnered to offer the Vanderbilt community access to Gartner, an online database providing research and analysis about the global information technology industry.

Gartner is a leading information technology & consultation firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support decision making in higher education and other industry sectors.

Partnering with Gartner, Vanderbilt University staff & technical professionals can stay current with emerging technologies designed to streamline business processes and take learning to the next level.  Receive comprehensive advice on IT issues, proven business strategies, and insights that can influence important decisions and major purchases.

Depending on your role with VU, there are 2 different access options:

  • Gartner Campus Access is for all VU Students, Faculty and Staff. Gartner research can enrich the learning experience allowing students & faculty the opportunity to tap into real-life examples of how technology is used, industry tech advances, and trends.  Log into Gartner Campus Access with your Vanderbilt VUnetID and password and experience a faster & smarter way to research!
  • Gartner for Technical Professionals is expressly designed for and provided to VU IT technical professionals. Gartner for Technical Professionals’ unlimited access to research and unmetered analyst inquiries provides the insights, guidance, and tools to support VU IT technical teams execution on IT strategy initiatives by providing scalable and secure solutions.  Leverage architecture templates, Initiative Guidance Frameworks, and in-depth product evaluations.  If you are a VU IT Professional and would like access, please open a help request.

Support Contact

This service is not managed by VUIT. For support issues using your VUnetID and password please visit VU Identity

Service Charges or Fees

This service is provided free of charge.

Requesting Service

Student, Faculty and Staff do not need to request access and can log into Gartner Campus Access using their Vanderbilt VUnetID and password. 

For access to Gartner for Technical Professionals, please open a help request.


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