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Horizon VDI

The Horizon Virtual Desktop (VDI) allows users to run their computer desktops over a network. Vanderbilt University Information Technology has added multi-factor authentication (MFA) to the Horizon VDI environment and users will be required to provide a secondary code, via DUO MFA, to prove their identity to gain access.

If you do not already have the MFA application DUO downloaded onto your mobile device, please use the instructions below to do so. If you have DUO already, you can skip to Section 2.


Section 1 - Enrolling in Duo:

  1. Go to the MFA website
  2. Click “Enroll Now”
  3. Sign in and click “Start setup”
  4. Select Mobile Phone and follow the prompts
  5. Install the Duo Mobile application on your mobile phone
  6. In your phone internet browser, click “I have Duo Mobile installed”
    1. Click “Take me to Duo Mobile App”
    2. You will receive a code in your DUO app, this verifies a successful install of Duo
  7. Go back to your browser, click “Dismiss and save your preferences”

Section 2 - Logging into the Horizon Virtual Desktop client:

  1. Open your connection to your Horizon Virtual Desktop client.
    1. If you normally use the VMware Horizon Client, open the application and launch the ‘’ connection
    2. If you normally use the web portal, open a web browser like Chrome and go to and click on ‘VMware Horizon HTML Access’
  2. You will be prompted for your VUnetID and epassword
  3. Click ‘Login’
  4. On the next screen, you will be prompted for DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  5. On this screen, you will provide your secondary login (the code you get from DUO)  in the ‘Next Code’ field
    1. You have 2 options when filling out this information:
    2.      Type ‘push’ to receive a push notification on your mobile device
    3.      Type in the passcode generated from your DUO Mobile app or token/fob
  6. On the following screen, type in your password again and choose ‘VANDERBILT’ as the domain
  7. Click Login


If you have difficulty downloading DUO on your mobile device or accessing the Horizon VDI environment, please contact VUIT at 615-343-9999 or log a help request at You can also visit VUIT’s multi-factor authentication webpage for more assistance with DUO.