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VU Gmail: Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new student. Is VU Gmail my only option?

Yes. You will be provided with a VU Gmail account. However, you may choose to forward your VU Gmail to another email provider of your choice. 


What if I already have a Gmail account?

If you already have a Gmail account and create a VU Gmail account, your original account will be superseded. This means you will only be able to send/receive mail from your VU Gmail account.


Can I migrate my Gmail account into my VU Gmail account?

Yes, you should be able to do so. Please refer to the Gmail Help Center for details.


How do I log into VU Gmail?

Click here to log into VU Gmail. You will use your VUnetID and password.


How do I create my external VU Gmail password?

Click here to set up your external client password. Please allow 15 minutes before configuring an external email client.


Can I access my VU Gmail from a third party client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail or iPhone?

Yes, you can. You must set up an external client password in VU Gmail first.  For additional instructions on accessing Gmail through an external client, please visit the Gmail Help Center or you can view instructions for accessing Gmail through an external client .

The user name for VU Gmail when using a 3rd party email client will be your full Vanderbilt email address (EX: Please allow 15 minutes after changing a password for an external email client.


Can I change my preferred email address after migrating to VU Gmail?

Yes. Click here to learn how to modify your personal options.


Can I add a new Vanderbilt email identity (alias) to my VU Gmail?

Yes. Please refer to Gmail’s instructions for changing your From address .


What is the maximum size for an attachment in VU Gmail?

15 MB when sending to other Vanderbilt email addresses. Gmail itself limits attachment sizes to 20 MB.

NOTE: Some recipient’s email systems may not allow attachments of this size and their settings will supersede Gmail’s settings.


What will happen when I graduate from Vanderbilt?

Students using VU Gmail accounts will be able to use their accounts indefinitely.


I need to access a Vmail shared folder. How do I do this?

For access to a shared mailbox from a student group or other organization on the Vmail system, visit Accessing Shared Mailboxes with OWA .


I am a work-study student for Vanderbilt. Do I still use VU Gmail?

This will depend on the nature of your work or sensitivity of data. Some students are required to be on the email system that works best with the department. Your department may require you to use Vmail.


My email was changed to Vmail for student employment. What happens to my VU Gmail?

If your email is changed, your VU Gmail account remains active during this time. You will be able to log into your VU Gmail using your VUnetID and password, access all features, and send email.

Any email sent to your Vanderbilt email address will be sent to your Vmail account. Once you are no longer employed by Vanderbilt, your previous employing department will need to approve having your email delivered back to your VU Gmail.


Does Vanderbilt provide support for VU Gmail?

No. VU Gmail is supported by Google in their Gmail Help Center . You can also consult the Gmail Getting Started Guide as well.


Will I see Gmail related ads with VU Gmail?

No. VU Gmail users will not receive ads.


There is a service disruption with my VU Gmail. Can VUIT help correct the problem?

No. VU Gmail is administered by Google. You will need to contact their Gmail Help Center for support.


What browsers can I use to access VU Gmail?

Google supports the current and previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a new version is released, support ends for the third oldest version. For more information, click here .


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I’ve set my external password and am unable to get my VU Gmail on my iPhone.

You may need to unlock your Gmail account if you are unable to log into it after setting your external password. Click here to unlock your account. You will need your external ID ( and your external password.