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Data Backup Services - Server

Service Description

Data backup services are provided to Vanderbilt University to ensure that data is protected from accidental deletions and data corruption. Services offered include server backups, including the drive letters or directories, server restores, and file restores from particular servers to designated locations. Data can be recovered up to 30 days from the point that the data was created. To qualify for this service, the server will need client software installed, or the server will be backed up via a proxy node within the virtualized environment. This service is available to Vanderbilt University faculty, staff, and students.

Support Contacts

Contact the Help Desk or submit a SerVU problem ticket.

Service Charges or Fees

There are no fees for this service.

Requesting Service 

Please click the button below to request service through SerVU

 Data Backup/Restore

What You Can Request

Server Backup
Server Restore
File Restore



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