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Data Network Technical Information

ResNet provides a 1Gb TCP/IP ethernet connection to each living space on campus. Data cables are available upon request. All residence halls have extensive wireless coverage.

An extended DHCP lease can be requested (you will need your VUnet ID). An extended DHCP lease can serve the same function as a Static IP address. Extended DHCP leases are available on wired ports only.

If you would like a DNS entry, after you receive your IP address, send email to Domain-Name-Service@Vanderbilt.Edu requesting a DNS name. Include your name, email-address, phone number, building/room number, and your IP Address in this email.

ResNet users need to submit a request to run certain network services on their systems. See the VUIT network policies page for more information.

network information

  • Vanderbilt's domain name server (DNS) addresses are and
  • The gateway address will vary depending on your location on campus. Your client must be configured by the DHCP server to function correctly.
  • ResNet protocol is TCP/IP.
  • Set your software to obtain an IP address dynamically from Vanderbilt's DHCP server.
  • The only reliable way to configure your TCP/IP Stack is by using information from the DHCP server.