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Wireless Information

How do I connect to ResNet with wireless?

Wireless coverage, provided by Vanderbilt, is available in all campus residence halls. Personal wireless access points (APs) are not allowed. Students should not bring them to campus, as personal APs interfere with the installed wireless coverage and cause service outages.

For assistance configuring your computer to access the wireless network, visit the wireless website, which also include more campus coverage information. To report problems with wireless coverage contact the Help Desk at (615) 343-9999.

Using personal entertainment devices at Vanderbilt

a note about Xbox 360, Wii, and TiVo devices

Lots of incoming students are bringing personal entertainment devices with them to Vanderbilt. Please read the tips below about using these devices on campus.

  • Wii - Your Wii will not work with Vanderbilt's wireless network. The discovery signal is too low and is interpreted as noise by Vanderbilt's wireless APs. If you want to connect to the network for Wii-sharing, downloads, etc., we recommend connecting the Wii to the wired data port in your room using a wired LAN adaptor (approximately $25).
  • Xbox 360 - To access Xbox Live, we recommend connecting your Xbox to the wired data port in your room. Click for Microsoft's network connection instructions.
  • TiVo - Run Tivo guided setup for your Tivo to work with Vanderbilt's cable TV system. See TiVo setup instructions for more information.

Important: Vanderbilt students are prohibited from setting up and using personal wireless Access Points (APs) at Vanderbilt.