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Suggestions and Extras

Buying a new computer?

Check out the data network information page for things to consider before you buy.

For help with wireless, visit the VUIT Wireless Website.


Suggested computer accessories:

  • personal productivity software - All schools recommend a personal productivity suite like Microsoft Office, available at no cost through the Vanderbilt Software Store.
  • speakers and headphones - optional.
  • operating manuals, installation disks - to help diagnose problems or restore4 compromised computer.
  • copy of hardware warranty/proof of purchase - keep originals at home.
  • surge suppressor/power strip - for multiple devices
  • TV and other video eqipment remote controls
  • Ethernet cable

Things to AVOID:

  • Computers built by individuals
  • Wireless Access Points (APs), including personal wireless access points, hubs, routers and printers are prohibited.