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Wireless Access for Students, Faculty and Staff

Connect to vuNet, Vanderbilt's secure wireless network

Vanderbilt University's wireless network is secure for students, staff and faculty to ensure the highest level of protection using your VUnetID and ePassword. The SecureW2 JoinNow wireless onboarding system will configure your devices automatically to make connecting easier.

Connect to the open wireless network named "vuSetup," open your web browser and follow the prompts using the instructions below. Once you "onboard" your wireless device, you will automatically connect to the secure "vuNet" wireless network in the future. 

For devices that cannot use a VUnetID and ePassword, you can use our unsecure network called "vummiv" for Internet-only access. Students should use vummiv for their gaming systems, AppleTVs or Roku devices (ChromeCast devices are not supported).  For more information, click on the link to Available Wireless Networks.

Common Issues:

  • vuSetup First – If a user has not previously connected to vuNet, they must start at vuSetup.  vuSetup configures the permanent connection to vuNet. 
  • iOS Devices – When setting up a device for the first time, vuSetup may say that it cannot connect multiple times before connecting to vuNet.  This error can also occur when attempting to connect to any other Vanderbilt SSID.  
  • Web Page Start Up – In order to start the setup process using vuSetup, the user must first navigate to any external website such as CNN, Yahoo! or MSN.  Navigating to an external website initiates the redirect process that configures the device for vuNet.

Reporting a Problem or Getting More Information

Questions or problems can be submitted to the help desks. Questions from university staff should be directed to Partner Support at (615) 343-9999. Questions from VUMC staff should be directed to the VUMC Help Desk at (615) 343-4357.


NOTE: Special precautions must be taken with devices, such as routers and wireless printers, as to not cause wireless interference and degrade the Vanderbilt wireless network. For more information regarding how to disable certain features to avoid this, visit the VUIT News Blog

 Need further assistance?

We have included general information in our help section to assist you in determining the best wireless network to use and how to configure your device for successful access. Please select the appropriate link from the Wireless Resources section to get help or If you have any problems, call the Vanderbilt IT Help Desk at (615) 343-9999 or (615) 343-HELP