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Email Migration FAQ

  • New Outlook Web Access – new look, better browsing capability, archiving, emojis, etc.
  • Updated Calendar – email reminders for events, improved search, birthday calendars, etc.
  • More storage – 100GB mailbox storage for each user
  • Better integration with other Office 365 services, like OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Improvements to document collaboration
  • More comprehensive spam detection
  • Additional out of office options

Yes, your entire mailbox will be migrated, including your inbox, calendar, folder structure, and even the Exchange native archive. If you are using PSTs, they will not be migrated. We do not recommend the use of PSTs. If you rely on a PST file for some old emails, please contact your local support provider or the help desk at (615) 343-9999 for help uploading them to the mail server.

No, your email address will not change. It will remain the same as it is today. If you wish to change your email address, please contact your local support provider or the help desk at (615) 343-9999 for assistance.

Aliases will not be affected by the migration.

When your mailbox migrates to the cloud, the way you access your voicemail will change.  You will no longer be able to call in using your phone to access your messages.  To listen to your voicemails, you will click on the email you receive alerting you to a new message.  The message will be available as a link to either read (voice to text) or listen to as an audio file.

This automated message is sent to users when their mailbox is moved to the cloud.  No action is required.  The message can be disregarded.

If you continue to see the above please open a problem ticket.  In the description, include the following: "I am receiving a pop up repeatedly requesting my Outlook credentials.  It does not accept them when I try to save."

Due to the enhanced capabilities and features of the Outlook app, VUIT does not recommend using the native mail client. 

If you wish to use your mobile phone’s native mail client, view directions below: 



You are able to add additional email accounts in the Outlook app, such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

Follow the directions at the bottom of the iPhone page to resync your Vanderbilt contacts, calendar, and/or notes to your phone.

Go into Outlook settings, and click Accounts. Ensure that your User name is your email address, and enter your password.  

To access OWA after your mailbox is in the cloud, you will go to  Once there, you will sign in with your Vanderbilt credentials to access your inbox.

To manage your groups, please submit a request ticket to the Help Desk.

After your mailbox migrates, you will need to submit a Help Desk ticket to have your PST files moved.

POP and IMAP clients will be disabled by default.  There will be an allowance for individual exceptions.  You can submit a ticket to request this exception after your mailbox has been migrated.

Go to  Sign in with your Vanderbilt credentials.  Click “View My Email Addresses.”

Your primary email address will be shown in bold, blue text.

To change your primary email address, please submit a request ticket.

All Office 365 sign-in addresses are out of alignment because Office was formerly set up to use a format of to sign in. Skype/Phone ID addresses are out of alignment for anyone who made a change to their email address at any time of employment. 

After the alignment, each employee's Skype and Office 365 sign in will match their current/primary email address.

Administrators for your mailbox were communicated with directly about the migration schedule. They will be migrated with identified departments. After migration, you will still be able to access the mailbox. Some functionality may be unavailable until the shared mailbox is also migrated. If you are experiencing issues, please contact the Help Desk.

If your out-of-office auto-reply was on before or during your migration, it may not turn off at the time you scheduled. Please manually turn your auto-replies off. If you are still in need of assistance, feel free to contact the help desk.

Please submit a help request and ask for access to the “Horizon Client”

For questions, contact